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Here at JMS we specialize in putting the client first, and with a nationwide reach, we can cater to Canadian citizens around the country.

With our team of experienced individuals, JMS can help you secure that hard to get financing and help you pay off your debts, refinance your home, or assist with any other loan advice you may need. Our clients often discover that loan-to-value ratios can be vastly different when working with a private brokerage, and often there are times mortgages from a private lender can help people in situations where the banks cannot.

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    JMS Mortgages is proud to specialize in bad credit mortgages, equity financing, home equity lines of credit, first, second and third mortgages and more.

    As our client, we will find all the solutions to fit your needs and help you save the money you deserve to have and rebuild your credit today.

    As federal laws make it harder and harder to obtain a mortgage, here at JMS we find many Canadians turning to private lending. Regardless of bad credit or lack of approvals from the major banks, we can make sure you get the financing you and your family needs to keep paying your bills and living a normal life.

    Working with equity and the value of your property is important to us, and we take it seriously. Private lenders can improve your financial situation if you take the right steps. You worked very hard to buy your home, now it is time to let us at JMS show you how your home can work hard for you.

    Our Podcasts with Jayde Samarzija, Director & CEO of JMS Mortgages Inc.


    Broker Lic#:15001902

    As the Director and Founder of JMS Mortgages Inc, Jayde Samarzija has vast experience in the financial world, and is ready to help you deal with all your mortgage needs. With previous experience as a Credit Analyst, Jayde is knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry and can keep you informed on all major financial laws and lesser known ones when it comes to navigating the rates and fees that come with your loan or mortgage.

    Having worked with international celebrities and local homeowners alike, Jayde understands how to treat a client and that every person is unique and comes with their own set of financial records, good or bad, large or small.

    JMS Mortgages is happy to serve the entire country of Canada while specializing in British Columbia and Ontario mortgages, and has solid working relationships with many brokerages across the great nation of Canada.

    When you try to really understand what someone is going through you can relate. Learning how to really help people resolve their credit issues and get back on track, that is our focus when it comes to strategic financial planning”.

    Ksenia Pakhomova

    Mortgage Agent Level 2 & Real Estate Agent

    As an Mortgage Agent at JMS and a Real Estate Agent at eXp Realty, Ksenia is perfectly suited for the world of home ownership and finance. A large majority of those applying for loans and mortgages will use their property as collateral. Having a great working knowledge of the fine print within the housing industry, Ksenia and JMS Mortgages will make sure you obtain competitive rates and fees when it comes to your loan.

    “Working as a financial advisor in the Canadian banking system has shown me there are many positive attributes to getting assistance from private lenders in the event you didn’t qualify for your loan or mortgage.”

    Mortgage Agent Level 2
    Lic #: M20003109

    Having previous experience in international corporate finance, Jessica brings a wealth of awareness and expertise to the table when it comes to navigating the fine print of every mortgage. As a licensed paralegal also ensures you will receive all the details available when it comes to the finances of your agreement, allowing you to go forward with all the information necessary, knowing the process will go as smoothly as possible.  

     “A strong knowledge of the international markets helps me find the best and often creative solutions for our new homeowners. Alleviating the pressure and making home ownership a positive experience is something every agent should try to achieve with their clientele”.


    A mortgage is when your property is used to obtain a monetary loan.


    Second Mortgage

    A second mortgage is a mortgage you can take out after your first mortgage.



    A third mortgage is a mortgage taken out after your initial and secondary mortgages.


    Home Equity Line of Credit

    A HELOC, or home equity line of credit is credit that is secured with a lower rate of interest than usual


    Debt Consolidation

    Debt consolidation is simply when you consolidate, or put together all your payments, into one consolidated payment.


    Consumer Proposals

    A consumer proposal will put a halt to all your payments and debts.


    A mortgage is when your property is used to obtain a monetary loan. The value of your home will be a large factor in how much money the bank or mortgage broker is willing to give you.

    Here at JMS, we understand working with the local Canadian banks can be exceptionally daunting and at times, very stressful. Between the list of personal questions or the fear of failing the ‘Stress Test’ the tedious process can leave homeowners feeling apprehensive.

    If you have complete ownership of your property it is very important to know a mortgage can be extremely advantageous if done at the right time. At JMS we can take care of all the details. Why should you work with the banks when you can avoid the skyrocketing fees and rates by simply choosing the right private lender.

    As mentioned earlier, the ‘Stress Test’ is part of the bank’s procedure in determining your eligibility going forward in the mortgage process. The ‘Stress Test’ is basically a financial proving ground to see how your accounts and financial records would handle a sudden loss of employment or anything with negative monetary criteria.

    More and more Canadian citizens are turning to private lenders for loans and mortgages, and it is simply due to the reasoning that the banks have made it very difficult to obtain a mortgage with decent rates and nominal fees.

    When it comes to your first mortgage there are many benefits to working with a private lender such as JMS. Private lenders can afford to offer you a more comfortable situation in regard to paying off your mortgage. Perhaps you want a longer time period with lower monthly payments, or maybe it is simply the lack of attraction working with the banks has in today’s day and age.

    Whichever your personal reason, here at JMS we understand that and are looking forward to attentively designing a unique approach fitting for you and your financial needs and abilities.

    A first mortgage can be a gateway to positive or negative things. There are many benefits to an instant loan, but always remember to pay off your debt consistently, keep your credit score at a good number, and never default on your mortgage or loan, because you could potentially lose your home.

    Qualifying for a mortgage can be a wonderful opportunity to change your life for the better. Regardless of your credit or past financial history, if you own your home you can qualify and there are many decisions to make when applying. Here at JMS our trained team of skilled professionals are ready to help you with all your queries and mortgage issues.

    If you’re thinking about a mortgage and want to learn more about the favourable fees and rates you may be eligible for when working with a top private lender such as JMS, contact us today and let us get all your questions and concerns addressed. Obtaining a mortgage can be easier than you think. Call us to get started.

    A second mortgage is a mortgage you can take out after your first mortgage. There are many benefits to a second mortgage, and at JMS we can make certain you get the competitive rates and manageable fees you and your family deserve.

    When looking into a second mortgage, it is important to keep in mind the fact you potentially will have a higher interest rate than you did with mortgage number one.

    The way it works is quite simple. You own your property, and that property has value. Once appraised, you will be able to use that value to obtain a financial loan through a second mortgage.

    When working with a private lender, you will see there could be benefits that you would not get when approaching the major Canadian banks for a loan.

    One of the key details the bank will use to assess your property is ‘The LTV Formula’.

    The LTV formula, otherwise known as Loan to Value, is basically how the bank assesses the value on your home and how much of a monetary loan they can give you.

    JMS puts the client first and understands that this process of obtaining a loan of any kind is stressful and needs to be handled correctly, by the right team of experts. Let us show you there is an alternative.

    There are a few different types of 2nd Mortgages you can qualify for. In most situations what you decide to do with your loan is entirely up to you, ideally one uses a second mortgage to pay off loans, such as high interest consumer debt. Here at JMS we are happy to help you choose which financial path is right for you and your loved ones.

    We take extremely great pride in reaching out to our clientele and treating them like people first. Our team understands working with the banks can cause anxiety and large amounts of stress.

    Be it a line of credit or a large one-time sum, a second mortgage can help alleviate the stress of student debt, help you take that dream vacation, or even add equity to your existing property with a home renovation or property extension.

    Give us a call today and find out how the hard work you have done in buying your home and paying off your first mortgage can pay you back and work for you.

    We are proud to serve all of Canada, and as a private lending company that builds trust with their clients and financial business partners, JMS has connections across the nation which enable the ability to offer you competitive numbers when it comes to your loan fees and rates.

    There are many parts to the process that involves obtaining a mortgage or second mortgage and here at JMS we can show you how working with a private lender can be beneficial financially and less stressful than working with the banks.

    Don’t hesitate, contact us today to get started on all your second mortgage needs.

    So, you’ve heard of a mortgage, and you’ve probably also heard of a second mortgage. Yet, have you ever heard of a third mortgage.

    Here at JMS we can show you the ropes when it comes to mortgages of all and any kind. If you are interested in a third mortgage, give us a call today and we would be happy to assist you with all your mortgage and loan needs.

    Adding a 3rd mortgage to your current situation may be the right move for you. As all mortgage payments may be needed to be made at the same time, there is a lot of information required before one can understand the benefits of a third mortgage.

    A third mortgage is simply a mortgage taken out after your initial and secondary mortgages.

    Although 3rd mortgages may have been widely used in the 1970’s and 1980’s, they are not a thing of the past. Contact us today at JMS Mortgages and let one of our talented professionals answer all your questions and concerns while confidently guiding you towards the financial freedom you deserve.

    Now, how is loan value calculated with a third mortgage. It all depends on the current value of your property. Always remember, a third mortgage has many pros and cons. Some pros include bill consolidation and the opportunity for a cash sum.

    Today it may be difficult to find a broker willing to discuss a third mortgage. Here at JMS we are ready to help navigate these financial waters, and make sure you and your family are taken care of.

    Most third mortgages will only be offered if the 1st and 2nd mortgage payments are low in remaining payment. Again, a lot is subject to who you decide to work with when it comes to choosing a private lender.

    It is important to get all the facts when obtaining a 3rd mortgage. Keep in mind, as previously mentioned, you will be paying off your debt consistently all at once. So that means you will continue to pay off your first and second mortgage and from there you will also be paying off your third mortgage.

    Third mortgages have historically been remembered as negative. This is due to the fact that when they were initially offered to the public, third mortgages had very few initial financial hoops to jump through, and it was easy to qualify. From there, they were given out to too many families and in turn, there was a housing issue and many people lost vast amounts of money as well as their properties.

    Nowadays, your third mortgage will most likely have a significantly higher interest rate and you must be prepared for that if you are looking into obtaining one to make home improvements, pay off debt or student loans, or for any other financial aid you may require to improve your life.

    Here at JMS we are committed to getting you the financial flexibility you want and need. Don’t wait, contact us today to get started.

    • Outstanding organization. If you need special attention with your mortgage requirements, JMS is the only place to go. High reco. Ask for Jayde. Tell him Yonah sent you.

      Yonah Budd Avatar Yonah Budd
      December 31, 2020

      Jayde has been a collaborator for the past couple years and his commitment and dedication to servicing clients is unique in the industry and invaluable. He is great at handling all the tedious paperwork and makes the process painless. Many of his clients have returned time and time again for all of their additional mortgage needs. Jayde makes himself available via any method of communication and stays in touch with his business partners even if on vacay. He is by far the most knowledgeable, professional and honest mortgage broker I collaborated with. I have the utmost confidence that he treats all his business partners with exceptional customer service and professionalism.

      Gia ALBU Avatar Gia ALBU
      April 21, 2021

      Extremely happy with JMS. Jayde is amazing and very professional. He made my entire experience stress-free. I would very highly recommend JMS.

      Jennifer Wright Avatar Jennifer Wright
      June 10, 2020
    • Very approachable and always available to answer our questions. JMS stood out with the level of service they provided compared to other brokers I've used in the past.

      Ravdeep Kambo Avatar Ravdeep Kambo
      April 21, 2021

      Jayde was extremely helpful!!!!! Our situation was complicated and difficult and despite it all , Jayde made it happen! From day 1 till we closed he was very helpful and would attend to us immediately and answer our emails or texts instantly! I appreciate all his help and time and patience.

      Sandy Trujillo Avatar Sandy Trujillo
      August 11, 2020

      At JMS mortgage you can guarantee professional and quality service! Jayde and his team will go above and beyond to ensure your financial needs are met! Quick and friendly service is what they strive for and their clients and professional contacts are their top priority. Highly recommend JMS mortgage!

      Steph McLeod Avatar Steph McLeod
      October 14, 2020

    A HELOC, or home equity line of credit is credit that is secured with a lower rate of interest than usual. This secured line of credit works by allowing the lender to use your home as collateral.

    Most banks and brokerages will qualify an individual for a high home equity line of credit due to a number of things including a strong credit score, positive on-time payment history, and more.

    If you own your home and you are looking for some extra financial help, a HELOC may be the right move for you and your family.

    Give us a call today to get started.

    Your HELOC will be paid off with a monthly rate that is fixed. It is important to know this number, as your home is now collateral for your debt and if you do not make your payments you could potentially lose your property.

    Home equity lines of credit are a great way to pay off your debt, do some home renovations, pay off student loans and much more. Essentially, one of the major benefits to qualifying and obtaining a HELOC is the ability to do as your please with the funds.

    For example, there are different types of HELOCs. Perhaps you want to create sub-accounts within your payments, or tie in a home equity line of credit with your current mortgage(s). All this is possible and more.

    With a stand-alone HELOC, you can put up more than half of your property value, and the value may range depending on your current credit situation, the private brokerage you choose and your financial history.

    In Canada, before applying for a home equity line of credit you must be up to date with all the requirement and specifications needed. For example, a showing of monthly household income is important, as well you will need a minimum equity percentage between 20% and 35% depending on which type of credit line you desire.

    The value of your home and your ownership of said property determines the amount of credit you can qualify for. As well, it can play a part in deciding your fee percentages and interest rates.

    Many homeowners across Canada are using a home equity line of credit to benefit their lives and the lives of their families. There is so much more information you need before deciding, and that is why JMS Mortgages is here to help. Did you know you could have reusable credit with a HELOC (just qualify once), and even possible deductible amounts on your taxes.

    There are many topics to discuss when attempting to qualify for a home equity line of credit, and that is why it is important to speak with the right individuals for the job.

    When it comes to home equity lines of credit, JMS is here to help. If you have any questions regarding this or perhaps a mortgage or loan issue, contact our trained team of professionals today and let us help you get started.

    Here at JMS we offer a range of services for all your unique needs. Debt consolidation is a great way to streamline your monthly payments and improve your financial situation, allowing you to see clearly and function like a normal human being.

    Perhaps you are swamped by the number of monthly bills you have to pay and deal with on a regular basis. Well then maybe it is time for you to consider debt consolidation.

    Debt consolidation is simply when you consolidate, or put together all your payments, into one consolidated payment. You are required to submit a request for a loan, and from there you use this new loan to simply pay off the current debt you have.

    Now, keep in mind, all your current loans may have different fees, rates and interest amounts connected to them. Thus, by obtaining a new loan through debt consolidation, you will usually have one main fee attached to your new loan.

    Many questions that arise from our clients when discussing debt consolidation and if it is the right move for them. If you are interested in debt consolidation contact us today and we can help you get started.

    There are plenty of reasons why a person would refinance for a consolidation of loans. You will pay off your debt quicker and possibly lower your interest rate, while most importantly simplifying your loan process. All this from a few simple things such as extending your amortization period or if you agree to begin debt consolidation at a lower interest rate.

    Most of this will depend on your agent and who you choose to work with when it comes to loans and debt consolidation.

    There are many avenues when it comes to loans, especially regarding fees and interest. Choosing the wrong brokerage to represent you and your money could cost you more than you thought, which is completely the opposite of what we try to accomplish here at JMS. When clients approach us regarding debt consolidation, we understand it is a means to a simpler life.

    This is about creating a consolidated approach to paying off your loans and allowing you to see that life isn’t just about living from month to month. One loan, one payment, one company to help you succeed. Give us a call today at JMS Mortgages and let our skilled and talented professionals guide you on the path to successful debt consolidation.

    A few more important facts when dealing with debt consolidation may include temporary low loan and interest rates, which could skyrocket after some time. This may be aptly known as a ‘Teaser Rate’. Make sure your interest numbers do not increase over time.

    Remember, your monthly payment may be lower, but you also have incurred extra time on your loan. You are still paying off a substantial amount and you must be prepared for that.

    Don’t hesitate, contact us today and let us show you how to facilitate your monthly bills, consolidate that debt and simplify your financial life.

    Here at JMS Mortgages we take great pride in offering high quality services for our clients.

    Our team of skilled professionals is ready to assist you with all your mortgage and loan needs.

    Perhaps you are looking for consumer financing information and some assistance on whether this is the right move for you or not.

    First off, what is consumer proposal financing and how can it be beneficial to you and your personal unique situation.

    Consumer proposals are mostly beneficial in a situation when a company or person decides it may be time to file for bankruptcy. If you’re thinking about this, there may be an alternate route.

    Also, consumer proposal financing will rise in a predicament where someone is in debt and may have trouble paying it off. A consumer proposal can help in two ways. First, it can create more time for you to deal with your financial issues and pay off your loans. Secondly, a consumer proposal can help you deal with a smaller amount of your debt, as opposed to the gross amount.

    In essence, a consumer proposal will put a halt to all your payments and debts, giving you the breathing room necessary to put together your finances and most of all, allow you to live your life, in the comfort you deserve.

    Always remember, many situations arise where a consumer proposal can be of help, and many of our clients have benefitted from this. Instead of paying off a large number of different debt collection companies or loans, let the team at JMS handle it for you. A consumer proposal will allow you to make one payment a month, as well as start to save up some extra money and begin to dramatically improve your financial way of life.

    Many clients have concerns that arise when discussing consumer proposal financing and what revolves around what happens afterwards. Your credit may change and you may be able to buy real estate without incurring extra fees once again, but it is important to cover all the bases when speaking to your private lender. Once you have the financial aspect of your life back in order, you can pay off your debts and keep your credit score at a positive number.

    Regarding credit and your credit scores, although your credit may dip when you are financing a consumer proposal through your agent, there is definitely an opportunity to regain your high credit scores and make the purchases you want in the near future.

    Cleaning up your financial paperwork, obtaining a new credit card, and a few other key steps are vital in helping you return normalcy to your life after your consumer proposal.

    If you are still thinking about bankruptcy we understand, the process can be difficult, but there is still a different approach and here at JMS we are ready to show you how to take care of everything.

    If you have any questions regarding a consumer proposal or any mortgage needs, we are here to help, contact us today.

    Balkan Investments Incorporated is proud to serve Canada and work with JMS Mortgages to find the solutions to all your business and personal financial needs.

    In an ever-growing economy it can be extremely beneficial to obtain a loan of any kind and help ease the burden of paying off mortgages, personal purchases or other financial debt.

    Here at Balkan Investments we have great expertise in private lending and look forward to assisting you with all your monetary needs. Whether it was previous fiscal struggle or personal bad credit in the past, we understand everyone has a unique and different situation. We are here and ready to help.

    Our leadership group of Canadian financial advisors and investors can help guide you through the daunting process of finding the right fees and rates when it comes to your loan.

    Balkan investments is here to help you find the answers to all your financial queries. For more information contact us today.

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